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Wall Store Shelves

Wall Store Shelves

What is known as the wall gondola, a half gondola, or a single sided is a wise choice for the use of Wall Store Shelves.

The wall, single sided or half gondola is generally placed up against a wall. When placed up against a wall the wall provides support for the back side of the fixture. This utilizes what would be wasted space as the only other fixture that can be place up against a wall is decorations. Applications the require heights beyond 6 to 8 feet it is recommended that a wall support be installed to secure the upright to prevent tipping and overthruning.

Gondola Store Shelves are well known for their durability and strength as gondolas can support up to 300 to 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight per shelf. This makes the ideal for liquids and large bagged items for a liquor store or a pet store.

A section Wall Shelves includes: one Basic Upright with Cap, one Base Shelf, one Kickplate, one Back Panel and one Top, Center, and Lower Spanner. If the Gondola is 78" tall or taller, the section would also include one Splicer Spanner.

What is a Wall Store Shelves Section and a Wall End?

If you will notice via the illustrations below a section of wall store shelves includes everything except the second Wall End as only one Wall End is needed per Wall Section when creating a multi section Gondola Aisle.  To complete the Wall Aisle a Wall End is Necessary.

Wall Section

To create an aisle of wall shelves as pictured in the images on the top of this page you will use the Wall Section pieces below to configure your aisle length as the sections are available in either 3 or 4 foot sections and your will need an end to complete your aisle of Wall Aisle.

Wall Store Shelves

Wall End

A Wall End is used to complete a aisle of wall store shelves.  For example a 16' Wall Aisle will consist of 4 Gondola Sections and 1 Wall End to complete the Aisle.

Wall Store Shelves

Wall Heights

Gondola Heights

36 Inches
42 Inches
48 Inches
54 Inches
60 Inches
66 Inches
70 Inches
72 Inches
78 Inches
84 Inches
90 Inches
96 Inches

Shelf Depths

Gondola Depths

12 Inches
14 Inches
16 Inches
18 Inches
20 Inches
22 Inches
24 Inches
30 Inches




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